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Track Brave Browser Data in Google Analytics

If you came across this post, probably you must have been looking for a way to track your brave browser data in google analytics. We hope to guide you through our research on this topic and what our findings are. If it is posible or not. Keep reading!

Brave Browser Usage Metric

track brave browser data in analytics

in our quest to further understand the plans of brave browser in terms of data usage metric, looking at our plan to finding a way to track brave browser data in google analytics, we came to an understanding that brave browser developers are still in their learning phase using the data gathered from its search engine. But wait! you maybe wondering what usage metric means in brave browser.

Usage metrics include both meta-data about the performance of the website itself and information about how a user interacts with a website. For Brave Search, this can include a user’s frequency of visits, the length of their inquiries (but not the queries themselves), and performance factors like how quickly and correctly the information loads. By taking part in usage metrics, you give Brave permission to collect and anonymously analyze this data, which enables them to better Brave Search for others.

What You Need to Know About Brave Browser and Data Tracking

Brave Search is impartial, discreet, and will eventually provide a more comprehensive view of the voices on the internet. It is also new, so they are continuously learning about how users engage with the site and how well it functions overall. Brave Team specifically wanted to know the following:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly visits
  • Quantity of return visits
  • Number of daily search requests
  • When did you start using Brave Search?
    average length of a query
  • How many people have decided to comment on Brave Search?
  • The operating systems that visitors use (e.g. macOS, Windows, etc)
  • The browser you used to access (e.g. Brave, Chrome, Safari, etc)

RealTime Practical on How to Track Brave Browser in Google Analytics

In order to satisfy our curiosity on whether brave search data can be tracked in google analytics. We use one of our partner websites Reviewspiral to check if google analytics will identify and record its site visit in realtime.


We created a brand new google analytics property for a strong conviction. As seen above we search for reviewspiral homepage as well as direct visit to see if it can register any realtime user in 5 minutes. 

track brave browser data in google analytics

Our result above shows that no data, visit or user was recorded by google analytics Realtime traffic option for 5 minutes. Find out other sources utilized in the next section.


More Confirmatory Sources on Tracking Brave Browser Data in analytics

We visited google analytics help and support center in order to find out what is going on in respect to tracking brave browser data in analytics and the question and reply goes this way: 

data tracking from brave to analytics

We  give credit to Reid Dossinger who asked the question on “if tracking blockers like brave show up in google analytics”. Below is the reply from google analytics community member. 


Feedback From Brave Developer Team For Tech-Curious

Server-side processing is used as the norm when conducting analytics on the Web. In order to aggregate data in sessions, this method necessitates the inclusion of user-identifiers, which allows for the surveillance of users—even when done unintentionally.


They employed a different strategy based on client-side aggregation to reduce the privacy issues because user-identifiers are not required because “sessions” only exist on the client-side (the user’s browser). By utilizing window.localStorage, they can achieve this. This implies that the user’s browser contains all the information required to evaluate the success of a certain objective.

Nothing sent as-is from local storage ever leaves it. To view the actual messages being sent, check the Network monitor in your browser.

Our Thought

Looking in overview of our findings, you will understand that tracking brave browser data is like saying that brave browser is not private. 

Though there are several ways by which they can reshape their policy for content creators if they really want to stop anonymity. If you want to track brave browser data in analytics as at the time we published this post, I strongly suggest that you wait or do more research to better convinced yourself because one of the unique selling points of brave company is ability to keep your browsing experience and data private.

That is why all your activities according to brave will be stored locally and not globally where everyone can access. 

Let’s know in the comment section if you notice any changes in their policy for prompt update.

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