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The best way to change the fonts in your WordPress theme (Customiser)

Do you wish to substitute a different font for the one in your WordPress theme?

Your website’s brand identity and text typeface both heavily influence each other. It can make your information more readable and give your site a more contemporary, polished appearance. Ability for your reader to feel light reading your blog post largely came from the font you used.

This post will demonstrate five different methods for changing the font in WordPress so that you may do so quickly and easily without writing any code or relying on any plugins.

change font in wordpress

Why Modify Your WordPress Website's Fonts?

Fonts are a crucial component of website design and have a significant impact on the look and feel of your WordPress site.

It will be challenging to keep visitors on your website if the font is challenging to read; eventually, they will leave.

Your brand identity is also displayed through the font. For instance, you can choose particular fonts to give your website a more formal or informal appearance.

For your website, WordPress themes come with a standard font, font size, and font color. You might want to switch the default font to something else, though.

Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to alter the font in WordPress. We’ll demonstrate a number of various techniques.

How To Change Fonts in WordPress Theme Customizer

You may easily change the font on your website by visiting the WordPress theme customizer. It provides a live preview and lets you alter the look of your website.

We’ll utilize the Astra theme for this instructional guide. Nevertheless, the choices will vary based on the WordPress theme you choose. You should search the customizer for “font” or “typography” settings depending on your theme.

First, go to Appearance » Customise from your WordPress dashboard.

you can also click on Customise from the theme grid preview


custom font

The WordPress theme customizer will then be launched.

The ‘Global’ section of the Astra theme offers choices for altering the site’s overall designs. You can pick the ‘Global’ option from the menu on your left to change the font across your entire website.


wordpress font

After clicking on the global button, You can choose from settings for buttons, containers,block editor,  colors, and typography on the next screen.

Simply select “Typography” from the menu.

wordpress font

From here, select a different font from the list under “Presets.”

These are the theme’s default fonts, and choosing one will change the typeface across your entire website.


In addition, you can alter the typefaces used for certain parts of your theme.

Use a separate font, for instance, for the body and the headings. Even using different fonts for each heading level is an option.

Simply select a font from the “Font Family” dropdown menu for any specific element to get started.

In addition, there are more choices to alter the font’s size, weight, and other characteristics.

Don’t forget to press the “Publish” button after you’re finished.

You can now view the new typeface on your website. On our sample site, for example, we changed the body typeface to Arial and the heading font to Helvetica.

wordpress font customiser

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