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Release of PhotoDemon 9.0, a free photo editor

After two years of development, the creators of the free and open-source photo editor PhotoDemon have launched PhotoDemon 9.0. The new version has an enhanced user interface, built-in support for Adobe Photoshop plugins, support for new image formats, reduced resource utilization, and more.

photodemon 9.0 free photo editor
photodemon 9.0


Depending on their selections under Tools > Options > Updates, users who already have PhotoDemon installed on their devices can automatically receive the update. To perform a manual update check and install the update on the device, select Help > Check for Updates.

A portable program called PhotoDemon is offered as a ZIP archive. After extracting the ZIP archive to the system, you can launch the photo editor. Due to the newness of the new version, Windows may issue a SmartScreen warning. Two hits from less well-known antivirus engines that are (presumably) false positives are returned by VirusTotal.



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photoshop UI Kit

PhotoDemon 9.0

The fact that the new PhotoDemon consumes fewer resources than the previous version is one of its primary benefits. For instance, it uses 12% less memory than the prior version after a cold start.

Users who switch to PhotoDemon version 9 from a previous version might immediately notice the new user interface. The majority of options now display as flyout panels, and the most used tools now appear right on the toolbar. The new user interface, according to the creator, uses “less than half the vertical space of the original design” without sacrificing functionality.

The user interface is still made to work with a variety of display resolutions, including traditional ones like 1024×768. With the makeover, photographs that are opened in the editor have more space.

In earlier iterations, the photo editors’ selection tools performed admirably. Support for multiple selections is included in the most recent release. Add, Subtract, and Intersect can be used to combine selections, and even when several selections are active, the final selection is still editable.

The content-aware fill tool, often known as smart object removal or inpainting, is another new function. To use it, users can choose Edit > Content-aware fill or Select > Heal chosen region. Although the tool operates automatically, there are settings and adjusting choices to personalize the process.

Neither artificial intelligence nor an Internet connection is needed for the instrument. In fact, because of that, running the tool more once might lead to better outcomes.


adobe photoshop ui kit
adobe ui templateKit

In PhotoDemon 9.0, new image formats are supported. PSP photos, AVIF files, and animated WebP images may all be imported and exported with the latest edition. Although there is AVIF support, the necessary encoder and decoder apps do not come with the program due to their size. The necessary data is downloaded the first time an AVIF file is loaded or saved by a user. Images in the formats XCF (GIMP), SVG, and SVGZ can now be imported.

Last but not least, PhotoDemon 9.0 supports lossless “quite OK” (QOI) photos, Symbian images (MBM and AIF), comic book archives (CBZ), and lossless JPEG (JPEG-LS) images.

The creator refers to the optimized automatic GIF optimizer in the most recent release as being best-in-class. The new neural-network color quantizer is beneficial for image formats that rely on palettes.


psd laundry kit
psd Template for Laundry App

Added enhancements to PhotoDemon 9.0 include:

  • 12 sophisticated resampling options with live, interactive previews are supported by Image Resizer.

  • Integrated assistance for Adobe Photoshop plugins (8bf).

  • complete assistance for 3D LUTs (three-dimensional Look-Up Tables).

  • Bump Map, Droste, Truchet Tiles, Animation Menu, and Gradient Flow are new effects.

  • Instruments to crystallize and improve stained glass.

  • Recovering photographs “marred by haze or fog” with a new dehaze tool.

  • Redesigned user interface and improved tool performance curves.

In order to “better resemble Photoshop’s approach,” the Photo Filter tool has been modified.

On the official PhotoDemon website, a complete list of changes is given along with numerous examples.


In Conclusion

A significant improvement to the picture editor is PhotoDemon 9.0. It enhances the user interface, adds support for additional formats, and uses less system resources overall.

Which photo-editing software, if any, do you use?

I appreciate you reading Techgummy. The release of PhotoDemon 9.0, an open-source photo editor, was first reported on by Techgummy News.

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