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(Part 2) How Namecheap Web Hosting Package Draws My Attention

My Thought on Namecheap Web hosting Packages Vol 2

In part 1 of my journey with Namecheap, I basically explain and give insight into its new hosting web program. in case you have not seen it, please CLICK HERE

if there is one thing I value much in my life, it is honesty. By the way, my name is Fidelis Achugamonye. You might not be tech-savvy to understand what am doing. My greatest job is to help you understand complex things and in the process help you make a better purchase decision.

Yes, you must have had your first website on a web hosting company that you didn’t trust or don’t like their service anymore because one thing I have learned throughout my life as a web developer was that these companies will first entice you but on the process will slow down when you need their support most.

I want to assure you that the support you are looking for to migrate your database and web pages is not difficult and to surprise you, it is free. The only thing that you need is your first commitment through subscribing to any of Namecheap’s web hosting packages. But before you move to subscribe, let me direct you to the next paragraph.

Yes, I don’t want to bother you with many web hosting packages. I will first start with the most high-quality and affordable ones. The first on the list is SHARED HOSTING. You can view it HERE.

The BIG question should be “Why Shared Hosting”. It is very important that you understand what you are going for. the answer is simple “COST and RESOURCES”.


If there is one piece of advice that I also learn the hard way I would give to anyone wanting to start an online business, it is don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Cost is a very instrumental thing a start-up or new business must put into consideration. You have to start with something that is cheaper and of high quality before scaling to a larger enterprise.

Shared web Hosting offers you a cheaper hosting package that enables you to use a part of an entire server. This means that instead of you to pay one million dollars for a server, you will only pay less than 40 dollars.

Namecheap’s current shared hosting price is less than 2.18 dollars which is the far way cheap than its competitors.


In addition to you paying less amount of money for shared hosting, you also have the opportunity to launch three different standalone websites at no extra cost. This part blows my mind as I find it hard to figure this out and I wasted a lot of energy and effort spending my hard-earned money on web hosting companies that do not have my interest at heart.

This characteristic will come to your mind when you want to launch different sections of your business and offer different services from different domain names. They also offer 30 subdomain name opportunities at no additional cost, all for free.

Subdomain names come in handy when you want to create a different website that bears the original name as its master. Example


As much as I know so many great products but there are ones I do recommend for the sake of reputation. Am a user of Namecheap services and I know what it feels like to enjoy its great services.

I will drop my pen here and I promise that the next episode will be massive it will help you to know how to get started really quickly in launching your online business.

Let me know in the comment section what you think or the topic you would want me to break down. You can visit the official Namecheap page by clicking the button below. It will also interest you to know that I created a brand new Namecheap resource where our readers will grab cheap first-hand coupons, deals, and offers from Namecheap before anyone else. Check it out HERE.

Click and sign-up with them. Both domain and web hosting services share the same platform

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