Microsoft Viva aspires to eliminate the time-consuming aspects of sales.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft has turned its attention to the realm of sales after transforming the worlds of office software and video conferencing (among other things) in recent years.

Microsoft has announced Microsoft Viva Sales, which aims to give organizations of all sizes an AI-powered boost in CRM modernization.

There will be no need to learn new systems or pay for new subscriptions because the latest addition to its Viva suite of workplace tools will operate with any CRM platform, including Salesforce, Zoho, and Freshworks.

Microsoft Viva Sales

Viva Sales integrates directly with the Microsoft 365 suite, allowing it to sync with tools like Excel, Outlook, and even Microsoft Teams, allowing data to be drawn directly and eliminating long periods of “busy work” caused by manual data entry.

Users can tag customers in Microsoft 365 tools, and Viva Sales will capture it as a unique customer record, establishing a new profile with all of the essential information about that customer. These can then be shared with coworkers in order to swiftly pass on tips or leads without having to conduct an extensive investigation.

Thanks to its built-in ContextIQ AI models, Viva Sales can use this data to send recommendations and reminders to users after it has been analyzed, providing real-time information that Microsoft claims can make all the difference when it comes to closing a purchase.

“As we emerged from the pandemic, there were some very big changes to the labor market and, truly, to the heads and hearts of the people who are in it, how they expect to get their job done – and that’s where Viva itself was born,” said Jared Spataro, Microsoft’s CVP of Modern Work.

“Viva is related with a lot of various modules that are for all employees within an organization,” he explained. “Viva Sales is a totally new take on that – it’s still about employee experience, but we recognize that while many things apply to all employees, everyone has a job inside an organization, and that position has inputs, outputs, performance, expectations, and a point of view.”

Viva Sales, according to Spataro, is the beginning of a new strategy for Microsoft, as it is the first app to carry the concept of an employee experience all the way down to the role itself.

“It essentially functions as a bridge between systems of record and systems of communication,” he explains, “and it’s supposed to assist sellers simply get their job done.” “It allows us to really connect the dots among people who are working on the same thing, sometimes on the same thing, and then we’re able to put together that Microsoft graph data with the system of record, and you’ve got a pretty rich data set to reason over,” says the author.

“There’s a lot we believe will be achievable,” he added, “because we’re effectively tying together communications and AI and putting that on top of your system of record – and we think that’s simply a brand new application area domain truly in the business.”


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