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LatePoint – WordPres Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin

Simple & Intuitive Appointment Booking Plugin: LatePoint


Latepoint Appointment wordpress plugin

Are you sick of difficult booking software that is difficult to set up and, once it is, slows down your entire website, driving away potential customers? Meet LatePoint, our user-centric, straightforward appointment scheduling plugin that makes it incredibly easy to arrange an appointment with only a few clicks. We have more than 15 years of expertise designing user interfaces, and tens of thousands of clients use our products to grow their businesses.

latepoint plugin wordpress booking plugin
Latepoint wordpress booking plugin


Latpoint WordPress booking plugin

5 minutes or less for setup

With the help of our unique Setup Wizard, you can complete the setup procedure in under 5 minutes, add services, create agents, and determine working hours. That’s it; to enable appointment booking for your visitors, simply place the booking shortcode button anywhere on your page.

Social Login Available

Make it simple for your consumers to log in by allowing them to pre-fill their name, email, and phone information using well-known social networks. They can manage their reservations online after creating an account.

Strong administrative reporting

It appears straightforward, yet on the inside, it is immensely strong. For business owners to easily view information on agent performance and manage services and clients, we’ve developed a sleek and contemporary admin dashboard.

latepoint appoitment and booking wordpress plugin


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