For some firms, the demise of Internet Explorer might be a nightmare.

Internet Explorer

internet explorer

While many of us may have said goodbye to Internet Explorer with its recent retirement, some organizations may have serious problems as a result of the old browser’s extinction.

According to Asian business journal Nikkei, many businesses in Japan, including governmental organizations, financial institutions, and industrial and logistics firms, continue to utilize the web browser that is no longer supported.

On June 15, 2022, Microsoft announced the end of its 27-year support for Internet Explorer and issued a warning to customers about potential cybersecurity concerns if they continued to use the program.

Why does Japan still use Internet Explorer so frequently?

According to data from information technology company Keyman’s Net, which was quoted by Nikkei, the browser is still often used in Japan for employee task attendance tracking, expenditure settlement, and other internal purposes.

Nearly half (49%) of survey participants stated they continued to use Internet Explorer for work, while 20% admitted they were unsure of how to switch to another browser.

According to Nikkei’s findings, many significant public sector resources in Japan have been slow to address the problem.

Both the website of an undisclosed government-backed mutual aid corporation for private schools and notices from the Japan Pension Service regarding online applications continue to demand users to utilize Edge in Internet Explorer mode.

Internet Explorer is still used by people all across the world, not just the Japanese.

Nearly half (47%) of Windows 10 machines, or millions of PCs in offices and other businesses around the world, will need to be upgraded since they still use Internet Explorer as their browser, according to research from Lansweeper that was shared exclusively with TechRadar Pro.


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