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How Namecheap Web Hosting Package Draws My Attention (vol1)

My Thought on Namecheap Web hosting Packages Vol 1

On Tuesday evening, my site was down with 500 internal server errors. imagine how much mark Zuckerberg could have lost if such happens to him in seconds. This same feeling got me and I went into deep thinking.

Many may not understand what this means until you have an online business running in millions of dollars per minute just like in beverage companies where every minute counts. The truth is that I don’t pray for such a thing to happen to me again!

Even though I have contacted my web hosting provider to help me fix this issue, I was already googling an alternative as I foresee great danger ahead. If you noticed something especially to those who have websites already running online, that most top web hosting companies have a customized c-panel.

Namecheap web host
Hostinger customized c-panel

Just like Hostinger (also 000webhost) and Bluehost. But the big question here is, Have you thought about using the C-Panel Hosting platform itself? Have you noticed the widespread customization and apps that you can develop?

Do you notice that you always feel restricted sometimes using them, especially in the area of additional functionality?

Imagine my web hosting provider telling me that I can’t create a sub-domain with a separate database after paying an enormous for a 4-year period for a shared hosting provider. I never knew I was restricted until I tried to host another website.

The only option left for me is to upgrade to a business plan. Am not trying to interfere or condemn anything but what will new start-ups just like me that want something affordable and of high quality do?

Not to mention, there are many benefits of using the main C-panel hosting platform. This idea of a C-panel and affordable web-hosting platform that has the same feature or is even better than the big wig platforms was lingering in my mind.

This was how I came across the Namecheap web hosting platform which happens to be the hosting provider of my domain name. My experience with them in the part of the domain name has made me draw many happy customers to them. The flexible payment even with PayPal makes it easy to pay and purchase domain names.

Namecheap Web hosting

The Big New Opportunity

The surprise came when I got to know about their web hosting platform which happens to be new. The most amazing thing is that despite their great features they still offer me an affordable package of not more than $40/year with a lot of websites, sub-domain, and free domain names inside.

I feel fulfilled and hope they continue this way so that my friend who would read this article will benefit from it. Their uptime, performance, and loading speed are very high coupled with the fact that they use the almighty C-panel for clients with limitless customization.

In fact, both start-ups and top businesses are their main target as they have extended packages even virtual web hosting.

In order not to keep you standing, I will drop a link below to the Namecheap platform so that you can see this and subscribe for your business.

I will be open for conversation and support through the comment section as I would like to continue in the next volume or episode where you will learn more about Namecheap web hosting packages, its benefits, and relevant information that you need to know.

Namecheap web hosting platform link: Namecheap Official Hosting Platform

Click and sign-up with them. Both domain and web hosting services share the same platform

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