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Free and Cheap Business Email

It is easier than you think. Your potential customers, clients or partners to be will hardly trust you when you use email domain like gmail , yahoo…. simply because they knew that anyone could grab it for free even scammers.

(Part 2) How Namecheap Web Hosting Package Draws My Attention

I want to assure you that the support you are looking for to migrate your database and web pages is not difficult and to surprise you, it is free. The only thing that you need is your first commitment through subscribing to any of Namecheap’s web hosting packages.

Namecheap web hosting - techgummy

How Namecheap Web Hosting Package Draws My Attention (vol1)

The surprise came when I got to know about their web hosting platform which happens to be new. The most amazing thing is that despite their great features they still offer me an affordable package of not more than $40/year with a lot of websites, sub-domain, and free domain names inside.

Brave Browser Hotkeys and Shortcuts

Thinking of navigating brave browser without much stress using brave browser hotkeys. You will learn how to use brave browser keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys to speed up your search and browsing time.

6 Best WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugins (Free Vs Paid)

Do you want to easily personalize the emails that your WooCommerce store sends out? You can quickly modify and customise the emails that your website sends to your clients with a WooCommerce email customizer plugins. This includes emails for receipts, subscription renewals, and other things.