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Best Free Business Email Accounts For Your Website

Email is still one of the most crucial communication technologies in use today, and this post highlights the top 11 best free business email accounts that are currently accessible. Using a Custom domain name (your website address) email for your website and the company increases trust among your clients during business transaction

11 Top Free Business Email Accounts

Most business owners have occasionally pondered which free business email service is the finest. The fact is that all free services for business email are not created equally. Your free company email service should ideally be incredibly dependable, easy to use, have a strong spam filter, provide a lot of storage, and link with other business tools.

Even if you have money to spend on a paid business email account with a custom domain—let alone a free one—you don’t need to go too far. We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 best free business email accounts to assist you in your search for the finest email for small businesses. Simply select the one you like the best and register.


Gmail doesn’t require a long introduction—there are more than 1.5 billion active users globally. Since its restricted beta release in 2004, Gmail has changed user expectations and improved the usability, effectiveness, and utility of email. With 15 GB of storage capacity, a sleek user interface, mobile apps, intelligent answers, and amazing interaction with the rest of Google’s ecosystem, Gmail offers free corporate email to owners.

The free email account service Gmail is run by Google. It provides third-party integration tools that let you access Gmail and sync your data using IMAP or POP. You may send and receive emails using it, and it has an attractive look. Once you have a Google account, you may access one of the greatest free email services.

gmail company email-custom domain-business email accounts

It can be challenging to get an appropriate free business email address due to the incredible amount of Gmail users that it has worldwide. The majority of valid Gmail accounts are already in use, and Gmail doesn’t provide free custom domain business email accounts. G Suite, Google’s suite of cloud computing, collaboration, and productivity applications, costs $5 per user per month if you want to use a custom domain name like


  • Reliable
  • sharp mobile applications
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Excellent spam and malware protection,
  • lots of email storage, and good uptime
  • Easily combines with other Google services
  • It features a fantastic anti-spam feature.
  • It can be confusing to deal with labels and folders.
  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • From the same interface, you may manage additional accounts like Yahoo, Outlook, or any other POP email.
    365 days a year
  • supports.
    Gmail becomes more interactive with Dynamic Mail.


  • Most domain names have already been registered.
  • The fact that Gmail uses labels rather than folders may annoy some people.


By offering a better mailing experience that tackles the complete lifecycle of an email discussion, Titan is a revolutionary business mail email service that is on a mission to bring businesses and consumers closer together. Using templates, you can quickly write a professional message, plan for it to go out in the future, and set it Titan to give you a follow-up reminder if you don’t hear back.

business email address tegummy

Nowadays, business takes place everywhere, so Titan offers lightning-fast desktop, Android, and iOS apps. The program provides you with a formal email address that can correspond to your company domain and even allows you to see numerous accounts at once, which is ideal for serial business owners. Titan has an email signature builder built right in that can be used to quickly and easily add contact information, a company logo, and links to messages.


  • Affordable business email solution
  • Custom domain name support
  • Multiple accounts may be browsed simultaneously.
  • Operates on all platforms, including desktop and mobile


  • doesn’t offer services for mail marketing

3. ZOHO MAIL: Free Business Email Account

There is no reason to disagree with Zoho Mail’s claim that it is the finest free email solution for enterprises. With support for custom domain names, uptime guarantees, and seamless interaction with the rest of the Zoho suite, Zoho Mail is a mature ad-free email hosting service that is provided as a part of Zoho Workplace, a comprehensive suite of cloud apps for small and medium-sized organizations. Zoho is a definition of what it means to have a free business email account with good storage capacity though you need to configure it with the help of an expert.

free company email zoho

Everything a business needs to be productive is included in the Zoho package. It includes a comprehensive set of office applications that are quite powerful, cloud storage with collaboration support, team communication capabilities, and a plethora of mobile apps that make it simple to work from anywhere and at any time. The best part is that Zoho Workplace is free for 25 users. However, we advise you to subscribe to the Standard plan, which adds IMAP support and a host of other services for $2 per user per month.


  • Advertisement free email for your business
  • Integrated with the office suite from Zoho
  • Simple to configure and utilize
  • provision for free custom domain integration with your WebHost


  • 5 GB of unrestricted storage
  • A premium subscription is necessary for more sophisticated functions.


All users of GMX Mail, a free email service, have access to an infinite amount of email storage space as well as a number of services that are intended to increase productivity, such as Mail Collector, Address Book, Organizer, and File Storage. GMX Mail is an excellent choice for organizations that want to set up a different communication channel for each department because users can register up to 10 free business email accounts.

gmx business email
Source: Clean email

Even though GMX Mail has been around since 1997, there are only about 11 million active users at the moment. In contrast, getting a good free business email address without having to purchase a custom domain name should be simple due to the low number of active users. Hopefully two-factor authentication will be implemented by GMX Mail soon to increase customer security, especially given that the majority of other significant secure email service providers have already done so.


  • Free mobile applications
  • Large attachments’ support
  • Dependable spam protection
  • Sufficient email storage


  • Poor customer support
  • Two-factor authentication is not supported
  • After six months of inactivity, accounts are deleted.


Finding a single business owner or office worker who isn’t familiar with Outlook would be quite challenging. Microsoft debuted Outlook as part of their webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring service in 2013. has developed to the point where it can now compete with Gmail and other industry giants after undergoing numerous significant redesigns.

free business email account outlook

Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription services, which include access to the most recent versions of both the desktop and online Office products, include Office programs are included in the $8.25 per user, per month regular Office 365 Business subscription, which also offers cloud file sharing on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. However, it excludes business email. Businesses must subscribe to the Office 365 Business Premium plan for $12.50 per user per month in order to access it.


  • Unlimited email storage capacity
  • Office 365 integration
  • Simple user interface
  • Focused inbox option
  • Very reliable


  • Limited customization options
  • It have a very sensitive spam filter


Although more than 200 million individuals use Yahoo’s email service for personal usage, few are aware that the company now offers a corporate plan for just $1.19 per month. One terabyte of free storage, a custom domain name, and support for email aliases—which let you give separate email addresses to your employees under the same domain name—are all included in the package.

custom domain yahoo mail
Source: Clean Email

Yahoo! Mail’s history of security breaches is the sole thing keeping it at the bottom of this ranking. One major security problem that occurred since the inception of the email service in 1997 saw the firm reporting that all Yahoo user accounts were compromised. That was announced by the company, for instance, in 2017.


  • a free 1 TB of storage
  • Keyboard shortcuts are supported
  • enables free SMS messaging for users
  • calendar, contacts, and instant messaging are included.


  • Poor security history
  • No IMAP access
  • Does not support intelligent email organization


It is your duty as a business owner to safeguard the privacy of your clients and business associates. Even a small number of leaked email messages can ruin your reputation and cost your clients. You should think about utilizing a free ProtonMail encrypted corporate email account to avoid that from happening.

free business email,custom email,company email
Source : protonmail

ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service based in Switzerland, a nation with rigorous privacy regulations, and it was created with privacy and anonymity in mind. You don’t need to provide your real name, phone number, or any other personal information while creating a ProtonMail account. All you need to do is select a domain name and a strong password.

One email address, 500 MB of storage space, and 150 messages per day are all included with a free ProtonMail account. You must pay 5.00 € per month for a Plus account, 8.00 € per month for a Professional account, or 30.00 € per month for a Visionary account in order to extend these restrictions. A Professional account will be sufficient for the majority of small business owners.


  • outstanding security and deep respects for your privacy
  • Switzerland-based app for iOS and Android


  • Not enough room for email storage
  • There is a daily cap of 150 free messages.


This email service, which is owned and run by AOL, a part of Verizon, was first introduced in 1993, although the present iteration bears little resemblance to the original. AOL Mail subscribers now have access to complete spam and malware protection, up to 25 MB in size for attachments, and the ability to read their email messages through other email applications like Outlook and Mailbird.

Up until 2018, the AOL My eAddress service allowed company owners to use a personalized domain name with AOL Mail. Sadly, the service has been terminated, and AOL Mail advises consumers to use Yahoo Small Business, one of its partner brands, in its place.

However, AOL Mail continues to provide limitless email storage. Although there are certain restrictions, the majority of users will never get close to them, therefore we don’t believe AOL is being unfair when it says its email service is limitless.


  • Unlimited amount of storage
  • clean user interface
  • Protection against spam and malware
  • POP3, SMTP, and IMAP support


  • The AOL My eAddress feature is no longer available.
  • No email aliases can be made.


Without its extensive domain name portfolio, wouldn’t be nearly as desirable as a free business email service. There shouldn’t be any difficulty obtaining an email address that works for your business as you may choose from about 200 different domains when creating a new user account.

The list of accessible domain names includes appealing possibilities including,,,,,,,,,, and isn’t as feature-rich and up-to-date in terms of capabilities and usability as Gmail and other popular email services, but it’s also not blatantly out-of-date either. It has dependable spam and virus filtering capabilities, as well as a function that allows you to route emails from other email providers.


  • Choose from more than 200 domain names
  • dependable spam and malware blocking software
  • forwarding of messages available


  •  Annoying advertisements


With the click of a button, you may quickly create a new email address using the temporary email service Guerrilla Mail. When registering for online services or engaging with clients that don’t appear fully trustworthy to you, you can utilize it to avoid spam and safeguard your identity.

Guerrilla Mail isn’t meant to be used as your main email account because it’s just a temporary email service. For the sake of user privacy, Guerrilla Mail doesn’t offer any recovery options, thus each email address you create expires after only one hour. The service doesn’t even record user behavior, in fact.


  • Numerous one-time email addresses
  • doesn’t record its users’ activity
  • enables the sending of anonymous email


  • After one hour, email addresses automatically expire.


Mailfence, an encrypted email service with features that are sure to appeal to all privacy-conscious company owners, was introduced in November 2013 by ContactOffice Group. Authorities cannot access the emails kept on Mailfence’s servers without a specific order from a local judge because the service is situated in Belgium.

All communication is protected by OpenPGP and digital signatures, so you don’t have to worry about a malicious hacker impersonating your provider to steal important information from you. Because OpenPGP is an open standard, you can relocate your emails to another site and export your encryption keys.

You get 500 MB of email storage with the Mailfence free business email edition, and you can subscribe to one of three commercial versions for just 2,50 € per month.


  • Uses Belgium-based OpenPGP
  • supports email signatures digital
  • No advertisements pop up


  • not enough  email storage space

Advice on Picking a Free Email Service

Advice on Picking a Free Email Service

To help you choose the finest free email account for you, search for a few specific qualities. They range in terms of the amount of storage you receive, the appearance, the degree to which you may configure it, and the types of advanced features offered, such as messaging, filters, and the capacity to import other data.

Your real email address is likely significant to you as well. Continue to the next option on the list if your first pick does not provide you with the address you require. To locate one that isn’t already taken, experiment with different combinations and variations. A clever strategy for creating something original is to employ a username generator.

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