All call recording apps have been removed from the Google Play Store.


Google said last month that all call recording apps would be removed from the Play Store. Starting yesterday, May 11, the new Play Store policy will take effect. There will be no modifications for phones with a built-in call recording feature.


For years, the Cupertino-based tech giant has been opposed to call recording apps and services. This is because the corporation considers call recording a violation of users’ privacy.

Because of this, Google’s own Dialer app’s call recording feature includes a loud and clear “this call is now being recorded” message that can be heard clearly on both sides before the recording begins.

The move will only affect third-party apps, according to Google. This implies that if call recording is available on your device or region, it will continue to work. This also means that any preloaded Dialer app with a call recording capability will function properly.

Only apps listed on the Google Play market with a call recording feature will be removed.

Truecaller has removed its call recording features.

Truecaller confirmed the removal of the call recording feature from its platform a day after Google imposed the restriction on call recording apps.

“We are no longer able to give call recordings due to the revised Google Developer Program restrictions.” “Call recording embedded into the device natively will not be affected,” a Truecaller spokeswoman claimed.

call recording apps

“In response to tremendous consumer demand, we enabled call recording for all Android smartphones”. According to the representative,

Truecaller’s call recording was free for everyone, permission-based, and needed users to enable the capability using the Google Accessibility API,”

To recall, Google disabled real-time call recording on Android 6 and then enabled in-call audio recording using the microphone in Android 10.

However, some apps have found a way to access the Accessibility Service in Android to provide call recording functionality on smartphones running Android 10 and higher. As a result, Google had no choice but to remove all recording apps for calls from the Play Store.

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Written by Victo Achu

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